Foot bath – Peppermint


The peppermint foot bath from Stone Soap Spa is a fantastic way to pamper your feet and give them the extra care they deserve. This product comes in beautiful apothecary bottles that not only look great on the bathroom shelf, but also give a feeling of luxury and well-being.

The footbath is enriched with magnesium and epsom salts, which help to soothe and relax the muscles in the feet. In addition, top-quality essential oils are added for a natural and genuine peppermint scent. This fragrance has a refreshing and invigorating effect, making this product perfect to use after a long and tiring day.

Not only does the footbath provide a wonderful and relaxing experience, but it also acts as a scrub and cleanses the skin. So if you want to give your feet the best care and a delicious scent of peppermint, this foot bath is a must-have in your foot care routine.

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Contents: ℮640g

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulphate, Mentha Piperita Oil, *Limonene *occurs naturally in essential oils

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