Tray for 2 x 450ml bottles


This decorative tray is a practical and stylish way to organize and present your 450ml hand soap and lotion bottles. The tray is made from a water-repellent wood that ensures long-term durability and protection against moisture.

With a size of 18 x 11 x 2 cm, the tray fits perfectly on the kitchen counter or in the bathroom. The spacious design allows you to place two 450ml bottles on the tray, giving you more space and a cleaner look on the surface.

The wooden tray is a great alternative to plastic trays and adds a rustic feel to any decor. The tray is beautifully crafted with a simple and elegant design that suits most interior styles.

With this decorative tray, you can easily organize and decorate your home while keeping your hand soap and lotion bottles in one place.

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